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Reservation “Piatra Pinului” – Gura Humorului

It is 1.5 km downstream of the confluence with the Voroneţ brook. It includes sedimentary deposits (sapropelic clays and white quartz sandstone) formed in Oligocene about 30 million years ago, located at the level of an outcrop located on a slope covered with rock and rocky blocks.

Natural reservation “Calimani” – Natural park “Calimani”

The natural area extends to the north-eastern part of Mureş County (on the administrative territories of Lunca Bradului, Rostolita and Stânceni); The south-western part of Suceava County (on the communes Dorna Candrenilor, Panaci, Poiana Stampei and Şaru Dornei and Vatra Dornei); The north-western part of Harghita County (on the territory of Bilbor and Toplita); And the south-eastern part of Bistrita-Nasaud County, on the administrative territory of the commune of Bistrita Bargaului

Wood forest reservation Slatioara

Contains the oldest mixed timber forest with beech from the country

Karst area of Rarau

It is important by the main objective “Pietrele Doamnei”, and other lesser known targets such as sinkholes under and on top of the peak of Rarau and Todirescu, Bat Cave, key sectors Valley Houses (Devil’s Mill) and the Spring White (Stone Buhei), the collapse of the slopes Popchilor Rarau

Floristry reservation Todirescu – with an area of 44 ha

Reservation Pietrele Doamnei – 568ha

Geological reservation Stratele de Aptychus from Pojorata

Reservation Codrul Secular Slatioara

Hunting reservation Giumalau

Over 211 ha, grouse protection

Floristry reservation Rachitisu – Glodu – 177 ha

Protects rare plants such as bear grapes, glacial relict, dew of heaven (carnivorous plant), etc..

Arboretum of Gura Humorului

At an altitude of 480m, and over an area of 22ha, houses around 200 species of trees and shrubs particularly valuable

Natural reservation “12 Apostoli”

Along the 11 km of the “Twelve Apostles” touristic trail inside the protected area, a route starting from the village of Gura Haitii, 28 km from Vatra Dornei in the village of Şaru Dornei, tourists await a trip through spruce forests And subalpine pastures to one of the most beautiful destinations in Calimani National Park.
The reserve has an area of 200 hectares and is a complex of eruptive rocks with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures, unique in their beauty and shape, formed by the erosion of volcanic aggregates (wind modeling, frost-thawing physical disintegration, erosion produced by the watersheds ).

“Moara Dracului” keys – geological reservation, 10ha

The natural area of 1.30 hectares is located in the cantal part of Suceava County, in the northern branch of the Rarău Mountains (mountains that are part of the Carpathians of Maramureş and Bucovina, the northern group of the Oriental Carpathians), in the upper valley of the Caselor valley On the valley of Moara Dracului valley that flows into Valea Caselor river, a right tributary of the Moldova river) near the natural reserve Slătioara secular forest